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  • Realtek RTL8111 revisions and part numbers

    Realtek RTL8111 revisions and part numbers

    HWiNFO64 will report revisions for Realtek RTL8111 chips with numbers from 1 to 15 which look up to a specific RTL8111 variant. Here’s the lookup table: Rev 01 -> RTL8111C Rev 03 -> RTL8111D Rev 06 -> RTL8111E Rev 07 -> RTL8111F Rev 0a -> TBD Rev 0c -> RTL8111G Rev 15 -> RTL8111H It’s…

  • Script to easily install WireGuard

    I’ve just published instructions to install WireGuard Server on Ubuntu manually, but there’s also a script that should make it easier: wireguard-install, and works with various Linux operating systems including Ubuntu, Debian, AlmaLinux, Rocky Linux, CentOS, and Fedora.